3 New iPhone and Samsung Cases for Black Friday 2018

3 New iPhone and Samsung Cases for Black Friday 2018

Finding the right gift for the holidays can be a project in and of itself. There are many gadgets to choose from, but if you're looking for the latest iPhone and Samsung Covers as a gift, we have 3 new cases with a deep discount on your next purchase. 

Organic Cases

What the hell is an organic case you might ask? This case, for anyone that loves nature, comes with a sweet scent you get to take it with you.

This Rose case has a natural scent that will create a joyful moment every time you make a call and the texture of the cases makes handling your phone a pleasant experience.

Each case is made out of sustainable organic material, full-encasing, above screen lip and durability for maximum protection. And for anyone with allergies, it won't bother you either. It is also water resistant for all weather use and recyclable. How do you like that!

Coffee Addicts?

We got you covered too! For the person that needs that first cup of coffee in the morning to stay alive, you can take the smell of freshly brewed coffee with you. Unfortunately, you still have to drink the real thing to stay awake, but at least you can sniff this phone all day! 

You can find our Organic cases by clicking >>here.

Tempered Glass


I know what you're thinking, but glass breaks easy? Not this cover. It's not only dirt resistant, but its also shock absorbent too. The back is so baby-soft, it will SLIDE right off any smooth surface.

Keep that in mind when you put it down. And did I mention it shows no fingerprints? You can choose from Space backgrounds to flowers. We have something for everyone! 

You can find our Tempered Glass Collection by clicking >>>here.

Want one? On Black Friday, you can grab one of these phones for 30% off with Promo code: PD30OFFXX.

If you get one, be sure to tag us on Instagram @purdycase and let me know what you think!




November 18, 2018 — Sonia Winland